"Fighting Radicalism with Radicalism"

Terry Jones. Stunt Master Extraordinaire.

Why are we giving this wackadoo one second of news coverage?  The press won't shut up about his threats to burn the Qu'ran on 9/11 and everyone else, from generals to cabinet members, is piping in with their own comments. No one is talking about who this guy is...here's some wikipedia highlights.

Coffee Composting: Do something good for the planet and each other.

Dax has been collecting our coffee grounds and other kitchen scraps from the coffeeshop for quite a few years. He has become quite the coffee composting nazi. Don't let him catch you throwing out something compostable. He swears by the coffee enhanced soil and the added benefits to his fruit trees and other garden veggies. I knew coffee was good for so many uses but today, my husband seems a little less crazy...

The Ground to Ground initiative shows us how we can make a tangible difference to our environment...one cup at a time.