Butterfly Driveby

A giant swallowtail butterfly Papilio cresphon...
Don't eat my plants, you lil' turd!

Our citrus trees took one helluva hit from the orange dog caterpillers. Every day we'd have to go and pick off the butterfly eggs , because if we didn't, they would hatch and start munching our tasty green citrus leaves. Now, if this was a large tree I wouldn't even care, but a few orange dogs can devour an entire plant in a few days. They love the new tender foilage. *nom nom* These ugly caterpillars look like something out of  Frank Herbert's Dune. It mimics bird droppings to avoid getting eaten. Yum. Now, eventually they do turn into the most beautiful butterflies, the Giant Swallowtail butterfly.

But I sure wish they would go find something else to eat besides my little sappling citrus trees.

Don't eat my plants, you lil' turd!

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