"Build the mosque."

"Build the mosque."  (as seen on a friend's recent status update on facebook)

Such a pure simple statement.

"Build the mosque." Period.
Not a question mark.
Not an exclamation point.

It is all just a distraction anyways. To keep us from realizing the whole God damned country is going to pot. And fast. Freedom of religion is just what it is.  Just because someone is completely void of empathy and chooses to put a mosque a ground zero doesn't void their right to do so. End.Of.Story. It's the Constitution, folks. We can't pick and choose what parts we want to follow and what parts we just decide *meh* to disregard. Freedom. Period. Don't allow even the smallest  incursion upon it. Or one day, you might wake up in an Orwellian nightmare...telling your grandchildren, "Back in my day, we had this thing called 'freedom'."...and then the Thought Police will come to take you away.

 If you know anything about magic and magicians,  they often use a very effect technique called 'sleight of hand'  That's all this is is sleight of hand..."Hey, look at this?" "Muslims are building a mosque at Ground Zero!!!" etc, is what everyone is focused on. To distract from what is really important...the state of our country and our crumbling economy. If the sheeple keep fighting over these polarizing topics that are obviously protected by the Constitution...they will be too busy arguing to notice what is not being talked about. "What is that magician doing with his other hand?" "What are we not seeing?"  If we are divided, we can never unite to repair what is obviously broken.

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